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Pierre Moutounet-Cartan

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Bank of America Merrill Lynch: Investment Banking Applications Workshop

access_time Tuesday, 5 March 2019, 18:30-21:30 (Huxley 311)

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Educational – Credit Default Swaps

Mostly made famous thanks to the subprime mortgage crisis ten years ago, Credit Default Swaps reached a top outstanding amount of $62 trillion in 2007, before falling to $26 trillion three years later. It is known to be the one of the only financial products to transfer credit risk....

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U.S. Yield Curve Analysis Shows Inversion Between Start of November and End of January - Likely December

A new analysis predicts that the U.S. Treasury 2-year bond yield is set to overcome the U.S. Treasury 10-year bond yield between the beginning of November 2018 and the end of January 2019 - most likely in December 2018....

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Budget Outlook

This budget overview for this academic year is conducted under our new three golden treasury policies which have been approved by the committee....

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The ECB Interest Rates Policy Is Not Adapted To The Economic Reality

The Brexit negotiations as well as Trump have shadowed that the Eurozone strategy is not appropriate to the economic reality. And the main reason is that the EU is "late" in the on-going credit cycle....

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At Current Rate, the U.S. Yield Curve is Set to Invert in Q4 2018 or Q1 2019

The 10-year U.S. Government Bond Yield (US10Y) hit 3% and the 2-year U.S. Bond Yield (US2Y) is increasing at a very quick pace since November 2017. At this rate, the yield curve may invert in Q4 2018 or Q1 2019....