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Portfolio Update (09/12/2018)

Volatility and a skew towards an inverted yield curve dominated headlines for the market. Stock hitting seasonal lows on the back of declining market sentiments....

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Portfolio Update (25/11/2018)

Negative sentiments continue to brew with tech industry continues to suffer heavily. Holdings in the UK managed to beat market this week, making up for...

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Portfolio Update (18/11/2018)

Risk sentiments return to the markets, both the S&P 500 and FTSE 100 took a fall this week, along with most of their...

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Portfolio Update (11/11/2018)

Recovery in the UK market is slowing down by a considerable margin as the market closes with the broader FTSE 250 down 1%. Outcome of...

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Portfolio Update (04/11/2018)

Major sell offs and exceeding earnings gave rise to undervaluations. This week investors displayed some considerable interest in getting back at growers in lower risk...

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Portfolio Update (28/10/2018)

This week marked one of the biggest sell off for the US market, with the tech and medical sector as the main driving force....

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Portfolio Updates (21/10/2018)

Uncertainty for global economic growth lingers this week, while experts believe there's still room for growth in the absence of major economic downturn. Improving sentiments...

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Portfolio Update (14/10/2018)

Early in the week the International Monetary Fund (IMF) dialed down its growth expectations for this year and next, partly due to U.S./China...

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Portfolio Update (07/10/2018)

Good performance from the US market, now adding FB into our holdings. Rising bond yield and uncertainty over Brexit continues the bear for holdings in...