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The Imperial College Investment Society (ICIS) was founded in October 2015, with the aim of educating members on value investment techniques, and is growing exponentially year on year. We host interactive weekly investment meetings where our members have the chance to present, ask questions and vote on whether to add investment pitches to our virtual portfolio. By submersing themselves in the world’s financial news, jargon and investment theory our members develop vital commercial awareness and financial acumen; which is critical to making successful applications in a competitive world. We also offer a diverse range of career opportunities ranging from Private Equity to Asset Management through office visits and speaker sessions from industry professionals.

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U.S. Fixed Income 3 min read

Bond Curve Yield Inversion – Foretelling turbulent times ahead

Yield curve inversions have traditionally been a foretelling sign of impending recessions. To explain the idea of a yield curve, one needs to understand what...

Interest rates 3 min read

Will the Dollar Shape Financial Markets in 2019?

After a volatile end to 2018, investors are now looking at what the new year brings. Despite rising 7% against a broad basket of currencies...

Opinion 4 min read

Valuation of Medical Technology Start-Ups

Authors: Dike Dijemeni & Esuabom DijemeniIn the past, industry specific start-up “rules of thumb” may have been sufficient to serve as reasonable basis for any...

Equity 3 min read

Does the tech stock slump indicate a rout in global markets?

Turbulence in the global financial markets, particularly in the technology sector, saw equity sell offs, oil prices tumble, and dollar swings this week as concerns...

Equity 2 min read

Is ESG Investing Worth It?

Global Warming. Corruption. War. Poverty. These are all problems every human on the face of the earth must deal with, and it is something everyone...

Interest rates 3 min read

Investment Banks Saviour High Interest Rates

It is a well-known fact that when interest rates are hiked, investment Banks increase their profitability due to their massive cash holdings. Increasing the interest...

Equity 4 min read

Companies Betting “High” in Cannabis Market

Author: Jieni Wang Wang {Co-Editor Imperial College Investment Society} August this year, the beer producer, Constellation Brands Inc. supplying Corona and Modelo paid $4billion for...

Company 2 min read

The Small Chip by China That is Causing a Big Disruption in the U.S

An article by Alexander Koh a member of the society. Please note that the below article was not written by a committee member of Imperial...

Opinion 2 min read

Venture Capital & Startups in Southeast Asia

As venture capital ecosystems go, Silicon Valley, Europe and China can be considered mature VC economies. Hence it makes sense for a VC firm to...

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